Blizzard teases new Overwatch skins, maps and more

PolygonBlizzard Entertainment will celebrate Overwatch’s first birthday next week with an in-game event that adds new maps, cosmetic items and more. Blizzard announced Overwatch’s Anniversary event earlier this week, but didn’t offer much in the way of specifics.Blizzard’s updating Overwatch’s non-event loot boxes ..

Blizzard China publishes the probability you’ll get Epic or Legendary loot in Overwatch

China has a new rule that forces game creators to publish the drop rates for items in randomized loot boxes, and now we know a bit more about how a game like Overwatch works in that country. On Blizzard’s Chinese Overwatch page, you can now find a …Blizzard China Reveals ‘Heroes of the Storm’ and ‘Hearthstone’ Loot Box Probabilities See Similar Threads…Blizzard China publishes the probability you’ll get Epic or Legendary loot in Overwatch – VentureBeat

Blizzard teases new Overwatch voice lines and dance emotes

PC GamerEarlier today, Blizzard teased three new Arena maps that are coming to the Overwatch anniversary event. But that, apparently, was only the beginning. A little earlier today on the main Overwatch Twitter feed, the studio offered a “sneak peek”—or 3 highs and 1 low from Jeff Kaplan’s first year with ‘Overwatch’ ..

Why Blizzard Canceled The Overwatch Graphic Novel

GameSpotSpeaking to Polygon, game director Jeff Kaplan said it was a “really hard decision” to cancel the book. It was not the content that caused Blizzard to scrap the digital book. Instead, the developer feared that putting it out could have limited fans Canceled Overwatch graphic novel would have limited the universe, director says ..

Blizzard Says Overwatch Wasn’t Meant To Be Political, But It’s Not That Simple

KotakuAt yesterday’s New York Overwatch event, in a rented-out space in midtown Manhattan, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan stood in front of a slide showcasing an old Egyptian woman, an autistic Indian woman, a bodybuilding Russian woman, a plump …Why Blizzard Canceled The Overwatch Graphic Novel ..

Blizzard Responds To Controversial Rumors Of $20 Million Overwatch League Buy-In Fee

KotakuBlizzard’s official Overwatch League is supposed to be the thing that catapults Overwatch esports to the next level. This week, though, it’s become a dark, ominous cloud hanging over the entire scene. Advertisement. In the past nine days, nine days, no Overwatch league might be too expensive for traditional esports teams ..

Blizzard marks one year of Overwatch with a free weekend and a year-in-review video

PC GamerMay 24 will be the one-year anniversary of the release of Blizzard’s hit FPS Overwatch, and to mark the big day the studio is holding a free-play weekend set to run May 26-29. The freebie will feature the full roster of heroes and maps in modes Overwatch Anniversary Event and Game of the Year Edition Announced ..

Blizzard Reveals Overwatch Loot Box Odds In China

Overwatch loot boxes feel like goddamn Christmas to open. Then a bunch of garbage spills out, and you feel like a jackass. Some people suspect that they’re rigged. Blizzard, however, insists they’re not, and they’ve finally released official loot box Overwatch loot box probabilities revealed — at least for China See Similar Threads…Blizzard Reveals Overwatch Loot Box Odds In China – Kotaku

As required by Chinese law, Blizzard reveals ‘Overwatch’ loot box drop rates

Many games feature “loot boxes,” and while part of the fun is the surprise, it’s nice to know the odds of scoring rare items. If you frequently buy loot boxes in Overwatch, but mostly wind up with duplicates and less than epic items, you have probably Blizzard Reveals Overwatch Loot Box Odds In China See Similar Threads…As required by Chinese law, Blizzard reveals ‘Overwatch’ loot box drop rates – Digital Trends