Frenchmen claim cure for WannaCry-infected computers

Washington PostPARIS — French researchers have released software tools that they claim can restore some of the computers infected by the WannaCry ransomware. The researchers said, however, the tools are not perfect and only work if the infected computers have not …More people infected by recent WCry worm can unlock PCs without paying ransom ..

Windows XP hit by WannaCry ransomware? This tool could decrypt your infected files

ZDNetWannaCry ransomware locks up files, but XP users may now have a way of recovering them but only if they haven’t restarted their machine. Image: Cisco Talos. French security researcher Adrien Guinet has figured out a way to decrypt files locked by the …French Researchers Say They Found a Last-Ditch Cure to Unlock WannaCry Files ..

These truly wireless earbuds claim to be ‘ear computers’

Business InsiderNo, your everyday earbuds aren’t going anywhere. But for the past couple of years, a small subset of companies have quietly tried to turn some wireless headphones from simple audio products to full-fledged in-ear computers. German startup Bragi has Bragi unveils Dash Pro with realtime translation, enhanced noise cancellation, more ..

New Tool Could Liberate PCs Infected With WannaCry

PCMagHave a computer infected by WannaCry ransomware? If you haven’t touched it since the dreaded ransom notice popped up on the screen, there may be a way to free your captive files without paying. SecurityWatch The new fix, developed by French security …Ransomware WannaCry Infected Almost Only Windows 7 PCs ..

One Reason the WannaCry Ransomware Hit Hard: 7 Percent of Computers Still Run Windows XP

Slate MagazineMicrosoft XP If you’ve got sensitive information on this, maybe it’s time for an upgrade—or at least some serious countermeasures. Stephen Chernin/Getty Images. WannaCry, the ransomware attack that swept the globe last Friday, used an approach that Seven things we learned about WannaCry ..