Here’s how Trump’s FCC affects you

CNNMoneyPresident Trump rarely spoke about the Federal Communications Commission during his campaign or after entering the White House. But since Trump took office and appointed a new head of the FCC, the agency has quickly set off a wave of outrage.New FCC proposal completes plan to gut network neutrality ..

Age of men, not just women, affects IVF success

CTV NewsNew research suggests that like women, a man’s age also has an effect on the success of IVF treatment, despite the appearance of male fertility as never-ending. Unlike women, men do not go through menopause or a predictable and detectable decline in …Men are affected by the biological clock as well, researchers find ..

Dad’s age affects IVF results as much as mum’s: study

Hindustan TimesSince men do not undergo a detectable decline in fertility like women, till now women’s ages were considered the dominant indicator of a couple’s chance of conception, whether natural or assisted. A new study has found increasing age in men affects Age of men, not just women, affects IVF success ..

Euro (€) Affects On The US Dollar ($) (EURUSD)

Live Trading NewsOn June 23, 2016, British voters will determine whether the United Kingdom will leave the European Union, and foreign exchange (forex) traders are collectively holding their breath. If the Leave movement succeeds, most experts predict tough times for ..

How Yellow affects your state of mind

CNN(CNN) Ever heard that if you looked at the color yellow for too long, you might begin to feel anxious or irritated? Or that babies are more likely to cry in yellow rooms and a colleague sporting the color would be judged deeply? Or considered a coward? ..