Justices to Hear Major Challenge to Partisan Gerrymandering

New York TimesThe Supreme Court has never disallowed an election map on the ground that it gives a political party an unfair advantage. Credit Gabriella Demczuk for The New York Times. WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court announced on Monday that it would consider …Supreme Court to hear potentially landmark case on partisan gerrymandering ..

Supreme Court to hear potentially landmark case on partisan gerrymandering

Washington PostThe Supreme Court declared Monday that it will consider whether gerrymandered election maps favoring one political party over another violate the Constitution, a potentially fundamental change in the way American elections are conducted. The justices …Supreme Court to rule on how election districts are drawn ..

Supreme Court could tackle partisan gerrymandering in watershed case

Washington PostMADISON, Wis. — With newly elected Scott Walker in the governor’s office and a firm grip on the legislature, Wisconsin Republicans in 2011 had a unique opportunity to redraw the state’s electoral maps and fortify their party’s future. Aides were ..

Justices Take on Fight Over Partisan Electoral Maps

U.S. News & World ReportThe Supreme Court is wading into the thicket of partisan redistricting in a case from Wisconsin. June 19, 2017, at 9:48 a.m.. MORE. LinkedIn · StumbleUpon · Google +; Cancel. Justices Take on Fight Over Partisan Electoral Maps …US top court to hear Wisconsin appeal in electoral map dispute ..

Democrats just got some very good news from the Supreme Court on gerrymandering

Washington PostThe Supreme Court just made a major decision without actually issuing a decision. On Monday morning, the justices announced that they would take up a case out of Wisconsin that could result in a ruling on the constitutionality of partisan gerrymandering.OPINION: Gerrymandering harms all American voters, regardless of party ..

Justices Side with Mexican Immigrant in Deportation Case

FOX40WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court on Tuesday sided with a Mexican immigrant who faced deportation after he was convicted of having consensual sex with his underage girlfriend. The justices ruled unanimously that while Juan Esquivel-Quintana …Opinion analysis: Justices continue to apply ordinary modes of statutory interpretation to the US immigration laws ..