Latest Tech Industry videos

CNETIn this week’s wrap-up, Amazon plunges deeper into the grocery space while Uber sees major changes to its leadership. Play video. Video: Watch two Boeing jetliners perform synchronized flying. Watch two Boeing jetliners perform synchronized flying.Glue and tape make Microsoft’s 2-in-1 Surface Book a nightmare to repair ..

Latest Tech Industry videos

CNETIn today’s tech news, Uber continues its management shakeup as a board member resigns after an inappropriate comment. Meanwhile, Sprint… Play video. Video: New earpiece can translate eight languages. New earpiece can translate eight languages. ..

It’s Official: Atari Is Working On A Brand New Game Console

BBC NewsHell hath frozen over—Atari is getting back into the video game console business. Last week, a strange and rather suspicious hardware trailer materialized on the website The 21-second video showcased slick, panning shots of retro …Atari is making a new game console ..

Atari’s New Console Sounds Like a Bad Idea

GizmodoAbout a week ago, a mysterious website appeared that offered a glimpse of what appeared to be a new console by Atari. The site offered nothing more than a short video and appears to have been made with a free website builder. On Friday, Atari’s CEO …It’s Official: Atari Is Working On A Brand New Game Console ..

UCF asks kicker to stop making money off YouTube videos

ESPNUCF kicker Donald De La Haye has a popular channel on YouTube, but in his most recent video, he says UCF asked him to stop making money off his videos to preserve his amateur status. In the video “Quit College Sports or Quit YouTube,” De La Haye said, …Central Florida kicker told to stop making YouTube videos because he’s making money ..

What Is The ‘Ataribox,’ Atari’s Mysterious Upcoming Console?

UPROXXAmidst all the hoopla during E3 last week, Atari CEO Fred Chesnais came out of nowhere to tell GamesBeat that the classic gaming company was working on a new console called the “Ataribox.” This comes four years after Atari filed for Chapter 11 E3 2017: Atari Teases New Game Console Called Ataribox ..

New Atari console could be just what the game industry needs

VentureBeatLast week, a 20-second trailer that appeared to tease a new Atari console was uploaded to YouTube. In the time since then, fans of classic consoles like the Atari 2600 and the 2800 have been speculating about what this could mean. Is Atari about the …Atari is making a new game console ..

YouTube Sets New Policies to Curb Extremist Videos

New York TimesGatherers at a vigil for the victims of an attack on London Bridge this month. One of the attackers is said to have become radicalized by watching YouTube videos of an American Islamic preacher. Credit Daniel Leal-Olivas/Agence France-Presse — Getty …YouTube details 4 new steps for fighting terrorism content ..

Fortnite hands-on videos: How the chopping, crafting, building, and shooting works

VentureBeatFortnite has been lost in works for a long time at Epic Games, and it’s finally about to hit. The company announced the July 25 early access launch date for the third-person shooter game where you build a fort and defend it against zombies. It will be Fortnite announces early access release, hands-on the unfinished game ..