Nasa discovers 10 new ‘rocky’ planets like Earth

The IndependentThe figure includes 10 that are “rocky” like Earth and which exist in their solar system’s ‘Goldilocks zone’, neither too close to their star, and therefore too hot, nor too far away and too cold for liquid water to exist. The presence of water is seen Watch NASA Exoplanet Discovery 2017 Online: What Will Be Announced During Press Conference? ..

NASA’s undersea mission to simulate life on Mars

Times of IndiaWASHINGTON: NASA is sending a team of four crew members to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, which will spend 10 days simulating a deep space mission with similar objectives to exploration on Mars. Living and working at the bottom of the ocean mimics …Palazzo applauds NASA focus on planets ..

Mars Samples May Come to Earth via NASA’s Deep Space Gateway

Space.comAn artist’s concept of NASA’s planned “deep-space gateway” in orbit around the moon. This astronaut-tended outpost could help get material from Mars and other celestial bodies back to Earth, agency officials say. Credit: NASA. The outpost that NASA Aldrin’s Apollo 11 gala celebrates past, while looking to future ..

NASA Finds 10 More Planets Humanity Might Be Able to Ruin Next

GizmodoHumanity hasn’t done a ton of good in our short stint on Earth, though we’ve definitely succeeded at turning this planet into a trash pit of despair. Today, researchers from NASA’s Kepler space telescope team announced we might get to bring our garbage …NASA: Kepler Finds 219 New Exoplanet Candidates, 10 Might Be Habitable (Video) ..

Palazzo applauds NASA focus on planets

Jackson Clarion LedgerWASHINGTON — Rep. Steven Palazzo praised NASA’s move away from studying the Earth and instead focusing resources on the rest of the universe. During a House Appropriations Committee hearing Thursday, the Mississippi Republican applauded the …USF professor joins undersea NASA trek ..

NASA Discovers Mysterious Pit on Surface of Mars

GeekNASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) last week stumbled upon a hole in the surface of the Red Planet’s South Pole. In the late summer sun, the southern hemisphere’s topography is “accentuated in orbital images,” according to NASA’s Tony Greicius.NASA Scientists Baffled By Mysterious Pit Photographed On Mars ..

NASA’s Curiosity rover discovers diverse environment on Mars

International Business Times, India EditionStudying rock layers can yield information about Mars’ past habitability, and determining minerals found in layers of sedimentary rock yields data about the environment in which they were formed. Nupur Jha. June 12, 2017 15:59 IST. nasa, Curiosity Mars …NASA just unveiled something absolutely shocking ..

NASA Preparing For The ‘Touch The Sun’ Exploration Next Year; Mission Aims To Protect Earth From Solar Storms

Science Times(Photo : NASA Goddard / YouTube) As NASA is allegedly preparing for the ‘touch the sun’ exploration next year, it is setting its mission which aims gather data and use it to protect Earth’s extraordinary events like solar storms. NASA is reportedly 7 Things you must know about the ‘Sun-Touching’ probe ..