Report: Amazon Readying ‘Anytime’ Messaging App

FortuneWord has it that Amazon is gearing up to launch a standalone messaging app. Because the world apparently needs another one of those. The folks over at AFTVnews last week reported that Amazon is surveying customers to identify which messaging …Does the world need a new messaging app? Amazon seems to think so ..

Amazon surveys customers about ‘Anytime’ messaging service

Android PoliceThere is no shortage of messaging services in the world today. WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Allo, Hangouts – the list goes on and on. But it looks like Amazon could be preparing their own messaging service, called ‘Anytime by Amazon.’.Amazon reportedly prepping new messaging app called Anytime ..

Amazon is Reportedly Readying a New Messaging Platform Called ‘Anytime’

Mac RumorsAmazon is reportedly working on bringing a new mobile messaging platform to the table, according to customer survey details obtained by AFTVnews. The chat service for iOS, Android, and desktop is said to be called “Anytime” and will include typical …Do we really need yet another messaging app? Amazon seems to think so… ..

Amazon Anytime Could Join the Messaging Market

FortuneAmazon could be working on a new messaging app aimed at working across computers and mobile devices. The online retailer is working on a new messaging app called Anytime, AFTV News is reporting, citing documents it obtained about the service.Amazon could be building a messaging app called Anytime, report suggests ..

Amazon reportedly prepping new messaging app called Anytime

9to5MacAs it continues to expand its own ecosystem, Amazon may have a new messaging app on the horizon. According to a new report from AFTVnews, Amazon is working a messaging app called Anytime that carries a strong focus on group communication.Amazon developing its own messaging app called Anytime ..