Scientists share photos of familiar-looking ‘peanut worm’

AOLAustralian researchers from Museum Victoria and the CSIRO, the nation’s scientific research agency, shared a photo of something lurking deep beneath the ocean — and Twitter can’t stop talking about it. Aside from the usual horrific-looking faceless Peanut Worm, Faceless Fish, And More: Strange Sea Creatures Surprise Australian Scientists ..

‘Faceless’ fish missing for more than a century rediscovered by Australian scientists

The GuardianThe ‘faceless’ fish rediscovered 4km below sea level in waters south of Sydney. Photograph: John Pogonoski/AFP/Getty Images. Marine life. ‘Faceless’ fish missing for more than a century rediscovered by Australian scientists. Expedition leader says the …Australian scientists find faceless fish in unexplored abyss ..

Scientists find ‘faceless’ fish during deep sea expedition off Australian coast

AOLA group of scientists stumbled upon a bizarre-looking creature over the weekend while exploring a massive abyss off the Australian coast — a large, “faceless fish.” The brownish, scaly creature that lacked nostrils, a mouth and a face, looked Here’s What That ‘Faceless Fish’ Actually Is ..

Scientists find ‘faceless fish’ during deep sea expedition off Australia in Australia have discovered a mysterious “faceless fish” that has not been seen for more than a century during a deep sea expedition off the east coast which reached depths of 13,000 feet. The researchers believe the 16-inch fish is the Faceless fish among weird deep sea Australian finds ..

Peanut Worm, Faceless Fish, And More: Strange Sea Creatures Surprise Australian Scientists

Tech TimesHere’s the faceless fish, a deep sea fish without visible eyes and has only a mouth hidden underneath the head. The team of Australian scientists ventured into the abyss to learn more about the largely unexplored deep-sea environment and the extent of …Trove of new horror species discovered in Australian abyss ..

The internet knows what’s up with this ‘peanut worm’ discovered in Australia

Business Insider AustraliaA group of Australian researchers from Museum Victoria and the CSIRO — the nation’s scientific research agency — have just completed a month-long journey along the eastern coast of the country, keeping a record of what oddities lurk deep beneath the …Twitter Went Nuts Over This Sea Creature That Looks Like A Penis ..

iOS 11 Streamlines Creation of Custom Apple Watch Faces With New Share Sheet Option in Photos

Mac RumorsApple has made it easier than ever for users to create custom watch faces on their Apple Watch in iOS 11, thanks to a new share sheet option within Photos on iPhone. On the current operating systems for iPhone and Apple Watch, users can choose a “Photo Drag and drop on iOS is more powerful than it’s ever been on the desktop ..

You Look Familiar. Now Scientists Know Why.

New York TimesResearchers at CalTech were able to predict the appearance of faces shown to macaque monkeys simply by monitoring signals in their brains. Credit Doris Tsao/CalTech. The brain has an amazing capacity for recognizing faces. It can identify a face in a ..

How NASA ended up with a two-headed space worm

The Weather NetworkTuesday, June 13, 2017, 7:35 PM – As far as NASA experiments go, this one is a bit on the weird side. It started out normally, or as normally as space science goes: A team of researchers led by scientists at Tufts University sent a group of regular ..