Twin Peaks Episode 7 Recap: Audrey’s Fate (Finally) Revealed

TVLineTwin Peaks stuck (mostly) to the facts this week, and the payoff was a gorgeous bounty of desperately sought information, correctly placed puzzle-pieces, and giddy fan service. Part 7 had me bouncing off the walls with joy, anticipation and deep ..

‘Twin Peaks’: A Dead Character Resurfaces

Hollywood ReporterIs it possible Major Garland Briggs didn’t die in season two of ‘Twin Peaks’? That’s a question episode five of the revival asks. [Warning: This story contains spoilers for the fifth episode of Twin Peaks: The Return.] The first four episodes of the Twin Peaks recap: ‘The Return: Part 5’ ..

‘Twin Peaks’ Recap: Cell-Bye Date’Twin Peaks’ adds jailbreaks, foiled assassinations and Booker T. and the MG’s “Green Onions” to its wonderfully weird repertoire. Read our recap. Credit: Patrick Wymore/Showtime. By Sean T. Collins. 1 second ago …Were Dale & Diane Together On ‘Twin Peaks’? She Knows Which Cooper Is The Fake ..