We’ve Seen Atari’s New ‘Ataribox’ Console, And It’s More Confusing Than Ever

ForbesSomewhat unexpectedly, we’ve got our first look at Atari’s new console. The video game company recently showed us a few pictures of the “Ataribox,” and the few details that we do have raise even more questions than we had before. The box has four USB …Ataribox: First look at Atari’s new home video game console ..

Here’s what Atari’s upcoming Ataribox console will look like

TechCrunchRetro consoles are the new next-gen consoles, and nothing’s more retro console than Atari. That’s why the teases from the gaming company about its upcoming ‘Ataribox’ have been so intriguing to gaming fans – it could be amazing. Now, we know what it …Ataribox retro mini-console plays current and classic games ..

What Is The ‘Ataribox,’ Atari’s Mysterious Upcoming Console?

UPROXXAmidst all the hoopla during E3 last week, Atari CEO Fred Chesnais came out of nowhere to tell GamesBeat that the classic gaming company was working on a new console called the “Ataribox.” This comes four years after Atari filed for Chapter 11 E3 2017: Atari Teases New Game Console Called Ataribox ..

Ataribox: First look at Atari’s new home video game console

VentureBeatAtari CEO Fred Chesnais confirmed to us last month that his fabled video game company is working on a new game console. And today, the company revealed the industrial design of the machine. New York-based Atari has two different designs for the …New Atari Console Will Bring “Current Gaming Content” As Well As Classic Titles ..

Ataribox first look: New photos of the Atari 2600-inspired game console

MashableWhen Atari announced it was jumping back into the game-console arena, those old enough to remember the 8-bit glory days of the Atari 2600 — like myself — perked up, briefly lighting up whatever part of the brain responsible for feelings of nostalgia.Atari’s new Ataribox console will be like an NES Classic ..