Why this adorable mouse is to blame for the spread of Lyme disease

Washington PostThe critters run through forest floors throughout the eastern United States, snatching up acorns and other tree seeds, berries and bugs. White-footed mice — known for their wide eyes and ears, long tails and snow-white bellies and the feet from which Gillibrand to Discuss Federal Effort to Combat Lyme Disease ..

Mice help forecast threat of Lyme Disease ticks

WCVB BostonThis could shape up to be a bad year for Lyme disease in some regions. Deer ticks feed on mice and researchers in New York’s Hudson Valley say last year’s big mouse populations could mean an abundance of ticks infected with Lyme disease bacteria.Name game for Park East as neighborhood sees resurgence ..

Why you need to know about mice, ticks, warm temperatures and Lyme disease

Washington PostTwice in the same week, Lois Wood woke to find ticks crawling over her bare leg in her New Hampshire home. A few nights later, she spotted a mouse running across her bed. A mother of seven, Wood tries to shrug off her tiny bedfellows. “It’s a common Lyme disease research, funding falling behind in Canada ..

Lyme Disease Is Spreading, And It’s Partly This Mouse’s Fault

FiveThirtyEightBlack-legged ticks in forests of the Northeast and Midwest have a variety of options for the three blood meals they consume in their lifetime: In their earlier stages, the ticks feed on at least 41 species of mammals, from chipmunks to black bears Tick towns: Researchers target neighborhoods in Lyme effort ..

Seven Lyme disease stories to mark Lyme Disease Awareness Month

HealioTickborne diseases are on the rise in the United States, according to the CDC, which recommends that patients use repellents, check for ticks and shower after being outdoors to reduce their chances of acquiring one of the diseases.Erie County Health leaders warn about ticks, rabies after warm winter ..