Will Melania Trump wear a headscarf in Saudi Arabia? Donald Trump circa 2015 seems to think she should.

Washington PostIn January 2015, President Barack Obama visited Saudi Arabia. It was a high-profile trip: Obama was there to attend the funeral of the late Saudi King Abdullah at a time when the Washington-Riyadh relationship was strained for a number of factors Melania Trump makes her international debut as first lady ..

German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Saudi Arabia without headscarf

German Chancellor Angela Merkel traveled to Saudi Arabia to meet with its top leaders Sunday — but she chose not to wear the traditional headscarf and full-length robe that women and girls who live in the country are forced to wear. It was Merkel’s Siemens, SAP sign cooperation deals with Saudi Arabia – officials See Similar Threads…German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Saudi Arabia without headscarf – Fox News

The ugly truth behind Saudi Arabia’s love for Melania Trump

CNNAnushay Hossain is a writer and media personality based in Washington. For more, visit AnushaysPoint.com. The views expressed are her own. (CNN) Donald Trump’s first major trip overseas may be fraught with diplomatic land mines for the President, but …Why Trump’s flight from Saudi Arabia to Israel is such a big deal ..

Why Did Melania Trump Cover Her Hair At The Vatican But Not In Saudi Arabia?

The NationMelania Trump accompanied the president to the Vatican on Wednesday, wearing a black veil and a long-sleeved black Dolce & Gabbana dress. The meeting was cordial. But the first lady’s clothing choices — specifically her decision to cover her head at Melania Trump in black at the Vatican. Why? ..

Why Melania Trump wore a head covering in Rome but not in Saudi Arabia

Washington PostDuring the Trumps’ meeting with Pope Francis on Wednesday, first lady Melania Trump wore a long-sleeved Dolce and Gabbana black dress and a black veil, following a tradition of many first ladies before her to wear black when meeting the pope. The other …The Pope’s Gifts to Trump Send Some Clear Messages ..