Your DC geek guide to Wonder Woman, Justice League, and beyond

EW.comThe DC Extended Universe continues to take shape. As Wonder Woman sets out to follow the tracks laid by Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, EW put together a roadmap to this ambitious comic book movie slate. Unlike the Marvel …15 Times Wonder Woman Had To Fight A God ..

How Wonder Woman Subtly Sets Up Justice League

Cinema BlendRather than set Wonder Woman in the present day as most superhero movies usually are, Warner Bros and the DC Extended Universe decided to turn the clock back a century and tell Diana of Themsycira’s origin story during World War I. It was one of the …Wonder Woman Director On Whether She Likes Cinematic Universes ..

Gal Gadot On How Wonder Woman Feeds Into Her Justice League Role

Comicbook.comNext weekend, fans of Wonder Woman will get to see the iconic DC heroine charge into theaters after a long wait. The superhero will return to the big screen following Batman v Superman in her first live-action standalone to date. Played by Gal Gadot All-Female ‘Wonder Woman’ Screenings Setting Record For Stupidest Nerd Culture Debate ..

Wonder Woman Stars Confirm Return In Justice League

Comicbook.comWarning! Spoilers for Wonder Woman lie below! For those of you who have seen Wonder Woman, you already know how Diana’s time on Themyscira goes. The demigod lived a luxurious life on the island, and she trained daily with her aunt to become a true …Israel’s in love with its homegrown Wonder Woman Gal Gadot ..

Is ‘Wonder Woman’ receiving the same advertising treatment as her Justice League peers?

There is a section of superhero-loving social media that is convinced that “Wonder Woman” has been getting the short end of the Warner Bros. stick when it comes to promotion. Me looking for the Wonder Woman promotion.’I’m excited for her to come to America’: Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins reveals sequel idea See Similar Threads…Is ‘Wonder Woman’ receiving the same advertising treatment as her Justice League peers? – Washington Post