Can Algae Replace Oil Wells? Craig Venter And Exxon Take A Step Toward Saying ‘Yes’

ForbesThink of them as Sumo wrestler algae: fat, but also fit. It’s fat (more correctly, lipids) that can be made into biofuels, which, if they were as cheap as petroleum, would yield untold ecological advantages. But how do you make algae better at making fat?Fattened, Genetically Engineered Algae Might Fuel the Future ..

Paralyzed Former Olympic High Jumper Jamie Nieto Walks Wife Down Wedding Aisle

Bleacher ReportJamie Nieto, a former Olympic high jumper who was paralyzed in April 2016 when he misjudged a backflip and fell on his head, walked his wife Shevon down the aisle at their wedding Saturday. According to the Associated Press (via, Nieto took …Step by halting step, Nieto walks down aisle with his wife ..

Paralyzed former Olympian Jamie Nieto walks wife down aisle

Sporting NewsJuly 23, 2017 8:14am EDT July 23, 2017 8:14am EDT English, Olympics Nieto took approximately 130 steps without any assistance and walked his wife Shevon Stoddart down the aisle at their wedding on Saturday. Jamie-Nieto-072317-usnews-getty-ftr …Paralyzed Former Olympic High Jumper Jamie Nieto Walks Wife Down Wedding Aisle ..

McCain’s primary rival urges him to step aside after diagnosis — and suggests she could replace him

Washington PostA day after news came out about Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) brain cancer diagnosis, his one-time political opponent urged the ailing senator to think about his political future sooner rather than later — and expressed interest in the possibility of Senator McCain’s daughter says went for hike with father ..

Hackers post step-by-step ransomware guides on YouTube

Daily MailHackers have posted step-by-step video guides on YouTube instructing would-be cyber attackers on how to create their own ransomware. The virus software that crippled the NHS can be bought for as little as £16 online and requires little technical know Hospitals in Britain struggle to restore their computer systems in wake of cyberattack ..