Goldfish able to survive on alcohol

Sky News AustraliaScientists have figured out how goldfish produce alcohol to survive when trapped beneath the icy surfaces of frozen lakes and ponds. Unlike most vertebrates which die within a few minutes without oxygen, goldfish and their wild relatives crucian carp Goldfish Brew Their Own Booze to Survive Frozen Ponds ..

Grifulvin v 500 mg

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Fish sauced? Goldfish turn to alcohol to survive icy winters

BBC NewsScientists have decoded the secrets behind a goldfish’s ability to survive in ice-covered lakes. They’ve worked out how and why the fish turn lactic acid in their bodies into alcohol, as a means of staying alive. Some goldfish were found to have levels Your goldfish is way more hardcore than you could possibly imagine ..

Gin recalled for having too much alcohol

BRIDGEHAMPTON, NY – JULY 16: Bombay Sapphire on display at Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation’s 2016 ART FOR LIFE Benefit at Fairview Farms on July 16, 2016 in Bridgehampton, New York. (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Rush … See Similar Threads…Gin recalled for having too much alcohol –