Instagram posts might reveal if someone’s depressed, according to new research

Standard Republic (press release) (blog)If your Instagram feed is loaded with darkly tinged Slumber, Lo-Fi and Inkwell photos, check in on your friends – a new study states this may indicate depression. In a report published August 8 in the EPJ Data Science journal, scientists analyzed over Instagram photos reveal predictive markers of depression | EPJ Data Science | Full Text ..

Your Instagram Posts May Hold Clues to Your Mental Health

New York TimesInstagram users with a history of depression tend to post darker, bluer and grayer photos on the social network. Credit Alexander Koerner/European Pressphoto Agency. The photos you share online speak volumes. They can serve as a form of self-expression …This Is the Apparently the Most Popular Instagram Filter Among Depressed People ..

Your Instagram Photos Might Reveal If You’re Depressed

BuzzFeed NewsPeople who’ve been diagnosed with depression tend to post pictures that are bluer, darker, and show fewer faces, according to a small, proof-of-concept study. Posted on August 7, 2017, at 5:01 p.m.. Kelly Oakes. BuzzFeed Staff. Share On facebook Share.Your Instagram posts might contain clues about whether or not you experience depression ..

Instagram posts can reveal depression better than anything patients tell their doctors

QuartzOur social media posts say more about us than we realize, including when we need help. In a paper published today (Aug. 8) in the journal EPJ Data Science, a pair of researchers found that an algorithm flagging a few key signs in people’s Instagram These Scientists Have Made An Algorithm That Might Be Able To Predict If You’re Depressed ..

Your Instagram Photos May Be Able To Tell If You Are Depressed

Tech TimesA machine learning computer program correctly identified depressed individuals based on their social media images 70 percent of the time, compared to the accurate unassisted diagnosis made by general practitioners 42 percent of the time. ( Instagram ).Your Instagram Photos May Reveal Whether Or Not You Have Depression ..