Netflix will need its comic-book heroes: Disney may just have become a rival

The GuardianToy Story’s Buzz Lightyear: hero and top Disney property. Photograph: Allstar/Walt Disney/Pixar/Sportsphoto Ltd. Netflix · The Observer. Netflix will need its comic-book heroes: Disney may just have become a rival. Just as the streaming service UPDATE 1-Netflix discussing keeping Disney’s Marvel, ‘Star Wars’ films ..

Netflix’s Acquisition Of Millarworld A Response To Losing Disney Content

HiTechFactsThe Millarworld acquisition makes more sense as Disney is ready to launch a competing service. Disney TV series, as least for now, will remain with the streaming giant. Where it could hurt Netflix over the long term. source: TheStreet. With Netflix 3 Terrible Reasons to Sell Netflix Inc. Stock ..

Netflix makes 1st acquisition: comic book maker Millarworld

BQ LiveNetflix says it made its first acquisition, comic book publisher Millarworld, with plans to turn its characters into new films and shows for the video streaming service. Millarworld’s graphic novels “Kick-Ass,” ”Wanted” and “Kingsman” have already Technology Sector Update for 08/07/2017: NFLX ..

Netflix acquires comic-book publisher Millarworld in effort to bolster superhero programming

Los Angeles TimesIn a bid to expand its superhero credentials, Netflix has made its first acquisition — comic-book company Millarworld, with the intention of adapting characters from the publisher’s titles into movies, series and kids’ shows that will be available Mark Millar Compares Netflix Purchasing Millarworld To Disney Buying Marvel – Kingsman And Kick-Ass Not Included ..

Comic-Con: ‘Riverdale’ Adds Another Comic Book Character as Season 2 Trailer Unspools

Hollywood ReporterThe first look at season two of ‘Riverdale’ questions whether Fred will survive the shooting at Pop’s and who is responsible. This story is about a town, and it’s a story that just keeps getting darker and darker. As the first season of The CW’s Riverdale Season 2 Trailer And Blooper Reel From Comic-Con ..