‘Pokémon GO’ Reveals Huge Gym Changes, Previews Legendary Pokémon Raids

ForbesThis morning, Niantic has revealed what will be Pokémon GO’s largest feature update yet, an expansive rework of gyms, and a preview of how Legendary Pokémon will likely be introduced into the game. The announcement comes hours before gyms are …Pokémon Go’s huge multiplayer update is the game’s next evolution ..

Pokemon Go finally gets Legendary Pokemon

CNETThe most dedicated Pokemon Go players among us finally have the opportunity to become fully fledged PokeMasters. That’s because, after over a year, Legendary Pokemon are coming to Pokemon Go.Legendary Pokémon are headed to Pokémon Go ..

Pokemon GO: The Problem with Legendary Raids

Game RantFollowing a year of waiting and a disastrous Pokemon GO Fest event, legendary Pokemon have finally been added to Niantic’s popular mobile game in the form of Articuno and Lugia. Unfortunately, the introduction of legendary Pokemon to Pokemon GO … ..

Pokémon GO’s Thriller Raids May Truly Be Stay Legendary Occasions

This previous week, Pokémon GO was up to date with a brand new patch with just a few secrets and techniques buried inside. Information miners discovered various key phrases implying modifications to gyms have been coming, the place gamers will now obtain notifications about their “away” Pokémon and …Raids ? : TheSilphRoad – Reddit See Similar Threads…

Legendary Raids appear in the code from the latest Pokemon Go update

BGROn Monday, Pokemon Go developer Niantic took the wraps off of the biggest update the game has ever seen. The entire gym system is being revamped, new items are being added to the game and raids are going to change the way that Pokemon Go players …Ultra-powerful ‘Legendary’ Pokémon are finally coming to ‘Pokémon Go’ ..