Prepare to be awed by the sun and the moon

Pittsburgh Post-GazetteWhen humans first witnessed solar eclipses, they did not know what to think. In South America, they believed giant jaguars were chasing and catching the sun. In Scandinavia, it was demon sky wolves. In ancient Hindu mythology, the darkness was caused Amazon is issuing refunds to customers who purchased suspect solar eclipse glasses ..

Private company aims to mine the moon by 2020

New York PostA private company that has long flaunted their plans to mine the moon has finally revealed their secret plan. On July 11 Moon Express rolled out their ambitious proposal to set up a lunar outpost and send three robotic spacecrafts to the moon by 2020.Moon Express Announces Plan for Solar System Exploration ..

How This Company Plans To Mine The Moon’s Resources By 2020

ABC2 NewsA private company wants to mine the moon for resources, and it just announced how it’s going to do it. Moon Express plans to build a fleet of robots called the MX Robotic Explorers to travel to the moon’s south pole. And it plans to do it by 2020. Moon Private company aims to mine the moon by 2020 ..

China Moon Mission Moves To Fake Lunar Space Colony To Prepare Astronauts

International Business TimesChinese students are living in a space colony simulation over the next year as their country prepares to send astronauts to the moon. Xinhua, China’s state-run news agency, reported that the program’s volunteers are living in “a simulated space cabin China tests ‘Lunar Palace’ as it eyes moon mission ..

Complete list of every full moon in 2017 including April’s Pink Moon

The Moon is the largest and brightest object in our night sky and has enchanted and inspired mankind for centuries. Every month as we sleep, this majestic lump of rock grows slowly fuller and brighter night after night, before shrinking to a tiny Full Pink Moon, Lyrids Meteors, Jupiter, Saturn Shine In April See Similar Threads…