Ronaldo’s Real rage genuine or a cunning ploy?

Yahoo SportsMadrid (AFP) – Enraged by Spanish tax authorities and a perceived lack of support from Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo is threatening to leave the European champions, but is it genuine or part of a greater ploy? Ronaldo’s departure from Real, reportedly Man United rightfully wary of pursuing Cristiano Ronaldo given Real history ..

WannaCry Ransomware: US-Led Ploy to Discredit Bitcoin?

CoinTelegraphOur London Correspondent Nick Ayton, the Sage of Shoreditch, reports on the WannaCry ransomware outbreak and why things don’t entirely add up. It can come as no real surprise the source of the ransomware was the secret services of the United States … ..

Google shuts down Burger King’s cunning TV ad

Just under three hours after Burger King unveiled a new advertisement designed to hijack your Google Home to read a long-winded description of its Whopper burger, Google has disabled the functionality. It was fun / horrifying while it lasted! As of 2 Burger King wreaks havoc on Google Assistant with Whopper ad (update) See Similar Threads…

Chipotle’s “Genuine Queso” is a lie

QuartzThe real deal, in Texas. (Image by Hungry Dudes on Flickr, licensed under CC-BY-2.0.) Share. Written by. LinYee Yuan. 3 hours ago. Chile con queso is a siren song. The Tex-Mex staple is a divine dip of molten processed cheese spiked with the bright Chipotle is finally making queso — here’s what it tastes like ..

Intel: Qualcomm’s iPhone Ban Request is a Ploy to Capture the Entire Mobile Modem Chip Market

The Mac ObserverApple keeps racking up the allies in its mobile chip patent royalty fight with Qualcomm. Intel submitted a filing with the U.S. International Trade Commission saying Qualcomm’s request to ban iPhone imports is bad for the smartphone market, and goes on Intel Sides With Apple in Qualcomm Dispute ..