Stuck in the metro? Best practices for viewing the solar eclipse in and around the Twin Cities

Minneapolis Star TribuneVideo (01:00) : If you can’t get solar eclipse glasses, another way to safely view the phenomenon is through a pinhole projector. Sarah Jarvis. Text size. comment. share · tweet · email. Print. more. Share on: Share on LinkedIn Share on Google+ Share Southeast Tennessee guide to the total solar eclipse [photos] ..

Local plastic surgeon creates solar eclipse viewing app”I have been inspired by my travels around the world to see eclipses by the partial eclipse that I saw as a young child in New Jersey,” he says. Telepun has traveled to Africa and on the Mediterranean Sea to view and photograph solar eclipses. “This is 500 million people to experience solar eclipse on August 21 ..

Viewing solar eclipse requires eye protection

USA TODAYDear Doctor: What kind of eye protection should be worn during a solar eclipse? I live in a part of Nebraska where the upcoming eclipse on Aug. 21 will be total. Dear Reader: The path of totality for this eclipse, which arcs its way from Oregon to Get ready for the ‘Great American Eclipse’ ..

Follow the sun at these solar eclipse viewing events

Chicago TribuneTotality is shown during the solar eclipse at Palm Cove in Australia’s Tropical North Queensland on Nov. 14, 2012. Eclipse-hunters will head to southern Illinois to get a glimpse of this year’s solar eclipse on Aug. 21. A partial eclipse will be One weird thing about eclipses you’ve probably never noticed ..

Eye safety is important when viewing solar eclipse

WTOV SteubenvilleWEIRTON, W.Va. — We’re a little more than a week away from the solar eclipse. And while it will be an exciting phenomenon to experience, it’s also one that can be harmful if you’re not careful. Posted by WTOV NEWS9. 9,347 Views. Share. Play. 0:00. ..