Trump’s Democratic tax dilemma

CNNPresident Trump and GOP leaders in Congress could face a challenge in winning support from Senate Democrats for a tax cut package this fall. On paper, taxes looks like the kind of issue that could be perfect for dividing and conquering Democrats — who …Mitch McConnell should have seen this coming ..

China ‘powerless’ on North Korea as Pyongyang slams door on Beijing

The AustralianA China government-linked think tank has admitted that North Korea has shut the door on Beijing, which is now powerless to negotiate with its rogue neighbour. Australia, the UK and the US are keeping pressure on China to reign in Kim Jong-un but Thornberry: Iran Following NKorea’s Patterns on Missile Launches ..

Trump’s prisoner dilemma

President Donald Trump might quickly discover out whether or not his chest-thumping “America first” coverage can carry some determined People again dwelling. The president is coming beneath rising strain from kinfolk of People imprisoned by international governments …Iranians freed in Obama’s nuclear deal posed nationwide safety risk, says report See Similar Threads…

After Mosul: The IS Family Dilemma

Voice of America“Sir, my father was an Islamic State militant, but he divorced my mother in 2013,” said Jassem Mohammad, 21, pulling out his identification card and presenting it to the camp manager. “He now has two other wives.” In a tiny patch of shade on the edge Iraqi Official Shrugs Off Abuse Claims Against Islamic State in Mosul: ‘This Is War’ ..

China ‘powerless’ in North Korea dilemma

NDTVAustralia and the UK have joined forces to keep pressure on China over North Korea, but a Chinese government-linked think tank insists China is powerless to negotiate with its rogue neighbour. Analysts from the China Institute of International Studies, …Thornberry: Iran Following NKorea’s Patterns on Missile Launches ..