Valve reveals two new Dota 2 heroes

PC GamerValve surprised fans at The International 7 yesterday by revealing two new Dota 2 heroes: one acrobatic, armadillo-inspired swordsman and a pink fairy. The reveal trailer shows the swordsman rolling between enemies and speaking in a European accent …The newest hero coming to Dota 2 is Sylph … and someone else as well ..

Valve announces Artifact, a Dota-themed digital card game

Ars TechnicaEnlarge / Want more info on Valve’s upcoming card-battling game Artifact? Too bad! All you get for now is this logo. Valve · reader comments 8. Share this story. Rather than wait until the end of The International, the major Dota 2 tournament taking Could the ‘DOTA’ Card Game ‘Artifact’ Be Valve’s First Mobile Game? ..

Valve Announces Artifact – The Dota Card Game

TechRaptorLife. Death. Digital Card Games. Some things in life are inevitable, and Valve is no exception. Once known as one of the premier single player developers in the industry, Valve has shifted their focus to two main avenues in recent years. You have the …Valve Announces ‘Artifact’ DotA 2 Card Game ..

Valve Announces ‘Artifact’ DotA 2 Card Game

UbergizmoDigital card games seem to be the rage these days. While Blizzard didn’t exactly invent the genre, it’s safe to say that the success of Hearthstone saw many other developers hop on board the bandwagon. This has resulted in quite a few digital card Valve are making a Dota 2 digital card game called Artifact ..

Valve teases Dota 2 card game for 2018

The VergeIt was some time near 4AM last night / this morning, as I was watching Team Secret face off against Team Liquid in the Dota 2 championships, that I thought I should quit watching as well as playing Dota. This game is too addictive a substance. But Valve announces Artifact, a Dota-themed digital card game ..