Whale watchers got to see a great white shark munching on a dead whale for brunch

Boston.comPassengers hoping to see whales Friday aboard a private whale watch witnessed another event — a great white shark eating a dead minke whale for brunch. Chad Avellar, owner of SeaSalt Charters, which runs private whale watching and fishing charters …Shocking video of Great White Shark goes viral [VIDEO] ..

Shocking video of Great White Shark goes viral [VIDEO]

BABW NewsA remarkable video of a Great White Shark feasting on a whale carcass has taken the Internet by storm recently. Passengers on a charter boat off the coast of Massachusetts got the show of a lifetime, capturing photos and video of two great white sharks …WATCH: White shark feasts on dead whale off Cape Cod coast ..

Pregnant nice white shark munches whale carcass off Calif. coast for 17 hours

Fourteen miles off the coast of Newport Seaside, a pregnant nice white shark received her fill of a bloated whale carcass after feasting upon it for nearly a day. Shark tagger Keith Poe and his companion Ryan Logan, a Cal State Lengthy Seaside graduate pupil, …Watch An Further Fats Nice White Shark Chomp Down On A Whale See Similar Threads…

Shark Week? Great white sharks gobble dead minke whale

Mirror.co.ukA passenger on a Hyannis Whale Watchers trip took more photos of the great white shark eating the minke whale carcass. [Photo courtesy of Danny Wild]. Hide caption. A close photo of a great white shark was taken off Provincetown today as the ocean …WICKED LOCAL REPORT: Has Massachusetts become a great white hotbed? ..

Great white shark spotted feasting on floating whale carcass

Mirror.co.ukThis gruesome footage of a great white shark feasting on the tasty flesh of a dead whale might send a chill down your spine. If you’re the type to avoid the sea out of fear of what lurks underwater, this probably won’t help you get over that. The RAW VIDEO: Great White Sharks Feed on Dead Whale Off Cape Cod ..