What ‘Terminator 6’ With Arnold Schwarzenegger Can Learn From The Awesome, Underrated ‘T3: Rise Of The Machines’

moviepilot.comFor quite some time, it really seemed like we had seen the last of the legendary Terminator franchise. After 2015’s Terminator Genisys didn’t meet Paramount’s expectations, the planned trilogy was canceled and the future of the franchise was thrown Why James Cameron Decided To Return To The Terminator Franchise ..

James Cameron Says ‘Terminator 2’ as ‘Timely as It Ever Was’

U.S. News & World ReportDirector and writer James Cameron returns to ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’ 26 years after it came out and finds it ‘timely as it ever was’. Aug. 11, 2017, at 11:51 a.m.. MORE. LinkedIn · StumbleUpon · Google +; Cancel. James Cameron Says ‘Terminator 2 Arnold Schwarzenegger confirms role in ‘Terminator 6,’ but not as T-800 ..

How The Next Terminator Movie May Use Arnold Schwarzenegger

Cinema BlendThe Terminator franchise has been in rough shape over the past decade. Setting the action fully in the near future in Terminator Salvation didn’t pay off, and Terminator Genisys failed to effectively reboot the series Star Trek-style two years ago. But Terminator 2 Actor Joe Morton on Making the Then-Most Expensive Film Ever Made ..

Russia Trains Robot To Shoot Guns: Can Humans Prevent Rise Of Terminator-Like Killing Machines?

Russia’s Fedor robot has learned to shoot guns with impressive precision. How do companies like Google, groups and individuals try to stop killer robots from taking over the world? ( Oli Scarff | Getty Images ). Advertisement. Advertisement. In photos Russia shows off robotic gunslinger See Similar Threads…

Radiohead fought the machines at Coachella — and the machines won

Of course it happened to a (relatively) old-fashioned rock band. After hassle-free performances all day by dance and hip-hop acts whose music relies largely on programmed elements, Radiohead ran into serious trouble with Coachella’s speaker system not …Radiohead Soldiers Through Sound Issues at Coachella 2017 See Similar Threads…